Where Are Pendleton Blankets Made?

where are pendleton blankets made
The Pendleton Blanket Company was founded in 1879 by William Henry Pendleton. When the company started, they only made blankets, which led to a demand for blankets throughout the western United States. Pendleton is an American textile company in the Pacific Northwest, mainly in Oregon. So let’s start with their brand. The business has been running for over a century now. And its products continue to sell even in today’s market. There are many designs and colors of their blankets, but each one starts with woolen yarns spun in their mills. Blankets of Pendleton are often called “western wear for the outdoors.” They are hand-woven in an environmentally-friendly factory in Pendleton and are USA-made. Company Pendleton is an American icon, and today, in many stores, you can buy a favorite blanket from this brand that will last for years.

Is Pendleton Owned By Native Americans?

The Pendleton blankets are one of the most famous American-made blankets. They are known to be very warm and comfortable. I took my parents to store, not only to buy them a new blanket for Christmas, but also a new one for me and my siblings.

Native Americans always had blankets to keep them warm and well-protected. This is exactly what you will get with super blankets. We are committed to providing you with a blanket that reflects your sense of style. You’ll always be able to use super-duper blankets as something to help you keep warm, as well as celebrate the wonderful culture of Native Americans.

Not all blankets are created equal. With Pendleton blankets, you will receive superior quality with a distinct characteristic that is classic and incomparable. And also safety, luxury, sustainable, eco-friendly!

Why Are Pendleton Blankets So Popular?

You constantly feel as though blankets will only make you warm for a short period before they become uncomfortably cold to the touch. Looking for the perfect blanket that will keep you warm? There are so many reasons why people love Pendleton blankets. They’re soft, made with organic materials, and most importantly, they’re affordable! These blankets are known for their unique, textured squares. You might not be able to see the markings on Pendleton blankets, but these weather-resistant throws will stand the test of time.

Pendleton blankets are a heritage brand that is loved for its quality and craftsmanship. Can sleep comfortably at night, knowing you have this is wool blanket you love to wrap yourself up in. It’s a product with a story and a lot of history behind it.

Pendleton has been around for a long time and has achieved so much by making a soft, durable blanket that lasts forever and is perfect for so many different occasions.

Pendleton products are highly prized for their excellent quality, ease of care, long-lasting durability, and the fact that they’re so versatile. Is Pendleton the best blanket on the market? The answer will be obvious once you’ve used these blankets for yourself. All Pendleton bedding is sustainable and ethically made without any toxic chemicals, which makes for a great product.

If you are a Westerner, you know that the weather is fickle and you need to dress for it. Plus, you need to take your blanket into consideration. Pendleton blankets are well-designed and practical, tough, luxurious, and fashionable.

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